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28293031Senior Assembly - Choir1Musica Viva Incursion PP - Yr 6 / Father's Day Stall23
45Fair Dinkum Musical Incursion6Parent Open Night 5:30 - 7pm7Photo Day8Photo Day / Dancesport PP - Yr3910
11Start Smart Incursion Yr1 - Yr 6 Commences1213Start Smart Incursion Yr 1 - Yr 6 Finishes14Senior Assembly - W115Dancesport PP - Yr 3 / Free Dress Day1617
18Year 6 Camp - Point Peron19Year 6 Camp - Point Peron20Year 6 Camp - Point Peron21Junior Assembly - E122Dancesport PP - Yr 3 / Last Day Term 32324

Sep 01

Senior Assembly - Choir

Sep 02

Musica Viva Incursion PP - Yr 6

Sep 02

Father's Day Stall

Sep 06

Fair Dinkum Musical Incursion

Sep 07

Parent Open Night 5:30 - 7pm

Sep 08

Photo Day

Sep 09

Photo Day

Sep 09

Dancesport PP - Yr3

Sep 12

Start Smart Incursion Yr1 - Yr 6 Commences

Sep 14

Start Smart Incursion Yr 1 - Yr 6 Finishes

Sep 15

Senior Assembly - W1

Sep 16

Dancesport PP - Yr 3

Sep 16

Free Dress Day

Sep 19

Year 6 Camp - Point Peron

Sep 20

Year 6 Camp - Point Peron

Sep 21

Year 6 Camp - Point Peron

Sep 22

Junior Assembly - E1

Sep 23

Dancesport PP - Yr 3

Sep 23

Last Day Term 3

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Port Kennedy Primary School is located within the City of Rockingham, 55 kilometres south of Perth, in an area of significant residential growth. The school opened in 1996 with an enrolment just exceeding 300 students. This figure steadily increased to nearly 800 at one stage but due to two new schools being built in the local area the current enrolment is 510 students.

The school has five blocks of permanent classrooms and is utilising a further 5 demountable classrooms. One of these blocks was added to the school in 2010 as part of the Building the Education Revolution federal funding. The funding also enabled the school to have a science room and multipurpose room built. The school also has a purpose built art room with kiln and music room. Other facilities include an undercover area and oval. The oval is a dual use facility and managed in conjunction with the City of Rockingham.

The school has a predominantly experienced staff, with some having been foundation staff members in 1996. There are a variety of specialist staff which enables the school to offer specialist programs that include Art, Music, PE, Science and Indonesian as a second language. The multipurpose room has been converted into the Learning Support Centre and houses our literacy and numeracy specialist teachers who are funded by the National Partnerships Literacy and Numeracy grant. Being able to offer such a variety of programs in purpose built rooms has further enhanced the teaching and learning programs at the school.

Information and Communication Technology is integrated throughout the teaching and learning programs at the school. Students have access to computers, which includes the internet, in all classrooms and the library.

The school is also affiliated with the Royal Australian Navy and in particular with HMAS Stirling as a number of students from defence force families attend the school. The school's factions are named after the four submarines housed at the naval base and the Navy contributes towards the student's education at Port Kennedy Primary School in a variety of ways.

A committed and energetic Parents and Citizens Association provide invaluable support to the educational program at the school. There is strong focus on maintaining positive and productive school-community relations which benefits all concerned. The School Council oversees the directions of the school and operates very effectively.